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The easiest and best thing to do was like Xenon suggested jack the car up and check the levelers both front and back.

The easier option would be to take it to somewhere like quick fit and they jack your car up for you on ramps so that they/you can have a look. ( if you didn't want to jack it up yourself)

It might be a really simple fix where you just need to refit the levelers back into place.

In regards to cut off point, not sure on the E92 but the E90 had a very sharp cut off point and the headlights were fairly low. You could just park up the car get out, walk back a few places and crouch down and try and judge if its too bright or not?

Obviously one thing I do strongly recommend is that if you are jacking the car and taking anything off or getting under please use axle stands. In fact always use stands.

Anyways try that first, then if there is a problem you could try what this chap did.