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@the OP. As someone who owns and successfully runs their own business you should know what is required to provide customer satisfaction. I've run my own business since 1995 and clearly know that.
To be brutally honest your post is chock full of attitude and dissent. The proper way to voice a complaint is to actually speak to someone about it first. As you stated if someone complained about a cup of coffee you'd offer a new one. Now if that person did not complain but contacted outside reviewers or blogs what would you do? You've had no opportunity to make it right. VRSF did just that here, offered to make it right and you complain they should contact you without providing the contact info, come on, as a business owner you know better.
As far as the product goes, I've owned other DP's for VW's, Subby's etc.. Budget parts have certain cosmetic flaws etc that make them budget parts. You even state you did not expect them to be AR quality yet you complain about the cosmetic issues, which again VRSF offered to solve. As far as stating that a local welder, who probably does one off fabrication, stated they are ugly welds that's like me asking Rembrandt to judge the guy who painted my house last week.
Seriously think about your attitude and learn from it and not only will you and your business benefit from it but will everyone else. Good luck.
BTW you have an M3 and a 335, coffee business must be good!