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Tell me about it I promised to add a positive post to this thread if they sent me a diffuser i was happy with, but as you can see by their response that wasn't good enough.

I haven't even tried to test fit it yet - knowing my luck it will be for an e92 fitment rather than an e90!

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Wow, duke dynamics are DOUCHE BAGS ^ (1000) (to the power of).

These guys have zero customer service experience and I hope they burn down in business.

Who the hell tells their customer to "modify" their free speech in order to ship out a working unit? If duke dynamics does not believe they were wrong, then forget the negative comments and let life go on.

You think Lindsay Lohan have it bad with bad PR ? People deal with it. Every company, car manufacturers have a billion bad reviews out there. Yet, they can still sell cars.

If Duke wants to make this right, they should voluntarily ship the replacement part, throw in an ice cream voucher, and then the OP will naturally write a praising post. That's how it generally works.

Why must there be threats ?

Somebody needs to go to business school 101.