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Originally Posted by DallasBoosted View Post
Cool those are about what I expected, oil/water temp, vanos, and tune related stuff. Those are definitely in the universe of possibilities with this car.

I've hopefully got the oil temp fixed with the stett stg 2 oil cooler, and I logged water temps at my last track event and they were solid (never really over 210F except when I pulled in off the track into the pits and they would skyrocket... ) Vanos I mean what can you do, except replace the stupid solenoids when they die. Tune related issues are always going to be a bugaboo. I noticed you solved yours by ditching the piggy, I did the same last month. Great minds think alike.

Here's to a trouble-free 2013.
Good post! cheers, and same to you too. I just don't want anyone to have a false impression of what its been like to try and track this vehicle. I think myself and PeterM1, have tracked this car the most, and we can both atest, to just how much of a royal pain in the butt it was to do so. Btw, you need an intercooler, as I don't see one listed in your sig, especially since you are in dallas. Ironically, I've been in between this forum, and the Z06 forum's classified section. I'm at this point just trying to look at price ranges, so I'm all set to get a used one, end of 2013. This one guy is trying to sell his, and it looks like he blew his previous motor, which had a wet sump system, and then the stealership installed a new dry sump motor for him. I'm trying to stay away from cars with oil starvation issues like the E90/92 M3, or early Z06's, etc.
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