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Should I be able to negotiate a better price

Ordered the car back in December and locked in all the holiday money. My car comes in this month. Starting today the lease on the 335is went from 449 a month to 439 and it went from 39 months to 36 months, plus all the same rebates from last month stayed in tact. Plus last night I found out I was eligible for USAA and became a member. USAA tells me I do not need to have insurance with them in order to receive the 1,000 rebate off my new car.

As of now I am looking at 669 tax in nothing out of pocket for 39 months and 10k a year on a 60k car.

I am hoping I can get the best of all the deals and bring that down a bit, I would prefer 36 months to 39 months either way.