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Well, I guess now we know what "Balanced" truly means to Obama. Apparently, it's a ratio of 41:1.

According to the congressional budget office, the fiscal cliff deal increases tax revenues by $620 billion, while cutting a mere $15 billion in spending. That is a ratio of 41 dollars of revenue increase for every 1 dollar of spending reduction. Sounds pretty balanced to me. Can't wait to see what the debt will be in 4 years with that kind of balance.

For those who are mathematically challenged and still think that is a "win" for the democrats, I would agree only under the following clarification: if you are a democrat in your 70's with no children (or have anyone in your life you care about who is young enough to feel the full impact of this in 10-15 years time, when everything will essentially grind to a halt because just servicing the interest on the debt will consume all federal revenues.)