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Hi 4EST, all

actually, I don't know what happened but I went back to the car a couple of hours later... just tried the voice command again... and this time it was working... I'm pretty sure I've tested it several time after the sg_reset, and it was not working at that time, but now it seems to work, and it is also in italian.

So it seems that if something is not working right after a coding, it may be worth to wait a couple of hours to check if it is really NOT working (actually, I haven't tested the phone with a phone call, but the BT sync seems to work flawlessly).

BTW, I haven't experienced a big change in the volume, honestly, but I'm quite happy of the current situation, so I guess I will not mess up further with the car (unless tomorrow, something that today is working, will not work.... you never know with this coding stuff)

thanks all for the support!