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Originally Posted by idnan View Post
sorry been very busy trying to get the car running, but it has quite a few more jobs than first anticipated.

I haven't measured the shaft but I'm not keen on sharing the measurements just in case other people use them and find that it doesn't work on their car. Best way is to fit the diff and accurately measure the length yourself. It took me 2 attempts to get it perfect as I didn't want to shorten the shaft too much.

In fact, I think I might have a manual driveshaft on mine.
Ok I know what you mean can you advice how it is better to measure I was thinking to put sideshafts and diff bolt everything to place where it should be and then just measure using simple role tape. Or you can advice something different?
Manual shaft is 1433mm length the DCT is a bit longer.

Maybe you know some cheap place to get M3 bushings?