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Originally Posted by Nigelo View Post
If I had the diff in place, id maybe use picture wire (or something that wont stretch when its pulled tight).

Id get a jubilee clip and clamp the wire to the end of the diff - id mark on the wire with a pen were the edge is.

Id then pull the wire out all the way to the gearbox rubber flange/coupler, as tight as I could. Id then mark on the wire the point were it reaches the outer edge of rubber flange/coupler. Id be looking to use the same outer edge that the wire is attached to on the diff ( ie bottom to bottom)

Thats kind of how I see doing it in my head - hope it helps a little. Ill try and pchop a diagram if it helps??
Thank you so much you are really helpful. Diagram would be nice.
And i was asking of your measurements just to have to compare with somebodys measurements
Thanks again