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Originally Posted by jacobsed View Post
You guys probably don't want to hear what I think about mortgages I'm sure.
Oh man, I don't want to hear what you think about most things. I'm sorry but you sound like one of the lamest and most annoying people in the world. No I'm not saying it's cool to be in debt or to live above one's means (but you will likely think/say that since you are so single-minded). People have already stated that they understand your point -- what you are saying is fact, and I don't think most rational people will disagree with that. Yet you continue to annoyingly spew the same diatribe over and over again.

If you understood people at all you might realize that life for many people is not about being perfect and acting only in the most logical and robotic manner possible. It is possible for people to strike a balance in their lives between enjoying some of the opportunities afforded to them by living in a country with a credit system and also being frugal and saving their money in order to provide for their kids or whatever it is that floats their boat. If you don't agree with that then that is fine, but repeating yourself over and over again won't help anybody, especially not the OP.