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Originally Posted by nickkg37s View Post
See my car isn't hiccuping or back firing just slight hesitating then it flys like usual. and in my logs the AFR looks solid still and so does everything else.
How much boost are you running? These misfires become much more pronounced with more boost and when spraying meth.

Honestly, it sounds like you do have an injector going bad. I've replaced so many injectors on my car and this is how they all started. Slight hesitation that would turn into a misfire. Hard to reproduce on stock boost, easy when tuned.

The best way to test it is to lug the car (go in 3rd at around 2000 rpm and floor it).

The last one I dealt with was a little different now that I have a single turbo, but my point was that injectors can go bad very quickly. I am extremely well versed in dealing with misfires on stock turbos, which was usually bad injectors. Happens when you have replaced 20 of them.
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