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Originally Posted by setofvs View Post
whew, and I thought it was just me. I have Lux 5.1s installed, no flicker. But I did get matching HID Fogs, that do flicker everytime I press the unlock button on my keyfob. Really does look like strobe lights. Tacky, but I guess that can be coded out? I figure it can't be good for the life of the bulb, right?

Also, just a couple of days ago, got a 'right low beam malfunction' on my stock oem xenons. When turning the light on/off, it does flicker a bit before dying...does anyone have any idea what this is about? I'm hoping its just a simple D1S bulb that I can replace myself since BMW warranty doesn't cover bulbs. If not, I'll have to bring it in to BMW and get the headlamp looked at, as I'm still under CPO warranty, but I run the hassle of having to take off the Luxs and possibly the aftermarket HID foglights too. I don't want BMW voiding warranty on the headlamp because of those aftermarket parts.

Any input? Thanks all!
you just need to switch your D1S bulbs and it will be fine.