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Originally Posted by Jeff@topgearsolutions View Post
Why limit yourself to what the shop offers, you can always have an intercooler of your choice sent to you by a vendor like me

If the basis of your decsion is on 1 customers review of a product, I hate to say but every single product for sale would not be up to the task as EVERY manufacturer has had a bad batch of something, even the best guys in the industry. Even some of the ones you mentioned here.

Which intercooler do you want, what do you expect out of it performance wise, and what intention do you have with it.

Do you want to maximize cooling and tendency to heat soak? Are you worried about trimming? Do you have a specific core type in mind? Do you have a specific budget in mind? Is quality concern? Where it is made? Those are the answers to intercooler questions and choosing one for your needs.
Definetly on a budget, trying to keep it under $650 before install (which doesn't leave me with very many options). Trimming is not a problem as the car is no longer a lease. In a perfect world i'd love to have the aa or big tom but ones way to expensive and the others extremely hard to find now.

I might have to try and find a used one

Originally Posted by benzy89 View Post
Decide how far you want to mod your car, then decide which FMIC best suits those needs -- Besides DPs (which are just welded metal), buying anything because it's the cheap option is stupid. There are plenty of proven FMICs that have both the vendors & forum users data posted that illustrate who's cooling effectively.
the plan is to go FBO with everything but meth .....but that could change

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