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I bought my car in 2008 brand new, EU delivery, all options that I wanted. I also signed up for Lo-Jack. I changed the blacklines myself few years ago.
An indy shop did my Kw v1 and changed my rf tires to non-rf tires about half year ago. Then another indy shop changed my battery about few weeks ago.
I asked to them register it, they told me never heard of such thing. Car gave me active steering and dsc malfunction errors.
Went back there and they couldn't fix it. Went to 4 different shops, all of them that said never heard of registering battery. And one shop told me that I have the wrong battery.
Check the battery myself and found that wire "loosely" attached to bolt in pic 2. I've been going thru some battery replacement diy and pictures online.
I don't see this wire in any of them, so here I am trying to figure it out what that wire is and where it goes?