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The following is a true story! I shit you not. I got to watch the whole thing unfold over the course of a year.

Guy I used to fly with had been having trouble meeting reasonable girls. He was 34, good shape, interesting, well read, well spoken, solid family background but had given up most of the last 10 years of his life to chasing this ridiculous dream of being a pilot. Been there myself. Anyways, he had decided to resort to one of the singles clubs in his home city and some internet dating. Things were finally looking up! Had been on many successful dates with a considerably number of twenty somethings.. then he tells me on our next tour together that he's met a keeper. She's 33, a paralegal for a local reputable firm, owns her house, has similar interests and thoroughly sounds like a lovely personality.

I see him three weeks later! All is going well, he's smitten. The sex is great, they have a lot of fun and she's generally fantastic to be around! I caution him that it's only been 6 weeks...

Three more weeks go by.. we're talking about all sorts of things as Otto navigates us along at Fl250. Seems theres been a change.. she's lost her job as the economy has tanked, cant quite make her mortgage payments (overextended like many of the others) and instead of faulting, is going to rent the place out and he offered to let her move in. Again, I politely question him on her motives. He deflects with some comment about me sleeping with one of our other coworkers... and on goes the flight.

Then for scheduling reasons, we dont cross paths for another 4 months! But when we do, he looks disheveled, saddened and broken. she has decided to pick fights with him on everything, they havent had sex in five weeks.. she's relegated him to the catch for three of those five weeks and is manipulating him at every juncture.. and he cant figure out why.. he hasnt done anything to offend her, hasnt treated her any differently.. if anything, he's been more understanding.

We see each other again 3 weeks after this! (just past the six month mark of her move) He's been served with common law divorce papers! She feels she has contributed to the household in many ways and wants him out. She even goes so far as to make remarks about him being unfaithful to her (blatant lies).

End result.. after 15k in lawyer fees.. he is forced to sell his house and pay her 1/3 of the revenue from it, she gains the 3 series and a small yet still sizeable chunk of his income for the next 12 months for her hardship.

Fast forward four years. He's no longer bitter, owes her nothing. has moved on and met a 28yr old nurse, who is much prettier, much simpler and in no rush to move in. Younger, prettier, better. Oh and did I mention he had met her while working and gotten to know her over the course of a year before dating her?

Just goes to show you the perils of internet dating!

I'll also point out that girls lose their looks and their ability to procreate.. we dont. funny thing that...

Be careful in who you choose to date/marry, as you can see, we are the ones who can lose the most.