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Yeah, and the "track" shows that N55s make lower numbers than N54s. So thanks for proving my point.
while that may be true, the n55 has not been out long enough for anyone to take full advantage of it.....what were n54's putting down/running a year after they came out versus now? That being said, there is no doubt that the n54 is a stronger car.

Wrong... Dyno numbers show how much power you make, they won't show you how fast your car is.

If two competing tuners have baseline + tune dynos that definitely means something aka which one has more gains.
Your first comment is accurate, noone's arguing that.

However, your second comment is wrong and why I made my statement to began with.....People that compare different dynos in different conditions are simply other way to put it. Unless both are on the same dyno with the exact same calibrations with the exact same conditions you can compare....which is so unlikely its not even the lotto - you have a better chance!

A dyno is good for comparing your OWN progress - and even using the same dyno can give you misleading results because of the hundreds of variables at play with air temp, motor temp, humidity, gas, etc

I'll say what I said before....take it to the track...comparing dyno numbers that others achieved on a different dyno is a waste of time, in my opinion.