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Originally Posted by raceyBMW View Post
Not necessarily. The oil drain pan bolt gets a copper washer that can fail if tightened too much...its made to fail first so that you don't damage the pan. It probably cracked the washer and is leaking because of it. Heck maybe they reused the washer and it leaked because of that.

Could be a cracked pan if tightened WAY too much, but try replacing washer (which always comes with the oil filter kits) and re-torquing bolt first.
+1. It's a crush washer and hound be replaced any time the. Bolt is removed. They may not have replaced it or may have over torqued it. Either way, start there. If you're fast & messy, it's a cheap fix (washer plus 1Q). If not, it's just the cost of the washer + oil charge, no biggie.

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