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Originally Posted by prcentauri View Post
I may be interested in those wheels too. Though I should really get a winter setup. The 19" 313s and summer tires coming with my 335is could be interesting this winter. I may take delivery today. I'll check out that shop in Commerce. I have painted reflectors to install. No joke I might need help with that. I'm a spazz. Gonna de-badge but I don't have a private garage with an outlet for a hair dryer. Was gonna order some cyba 4" dry carbon tips. Curious how much it would cost to cut the oem tips and weld these. Gonna get Suntek CXP 35% tint all around at Advanced Solar Solutions in Clawson. They do Huper Optik but I think I liked the Suntek CXP more. Lastly I may get KW V1 coils or V2 coils. Maybe that shop in Commerce should handle that too? I thought of driving to IND in Chicago just because they're the only place I know.
Unscrew the fender lining a little to get more access to the reflectors.

Definitely cut/weld new tips - should be $60-$100 for a set.

Suntek - check the warranty. Huber? Why do you need that level in Mich - not hot enough.

If you get V1, check out ST. I would go with V2 or Bilstein.

Debadge - use fishing wire, patience and Goo Gone. I tried heating mine with a hair dryer, but it didn't do anything. Did help for the reflectors though.

Have fun with your mods and take your time. You will feel a lot better about them if you do them yourself.