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I am in love with the D. I have driven it from Seattle to LA with ZERO issues! Even had 42mpg on the dash estimate! I have even driven in the snow with snow tires and it was A-ok. SUVS will fly past you cause they are a-holes but hey. Ironically, I saw a WRX totaled on the way home, I assume from speeding.

I still remember, I was complaining how my mkv golf barely got 15mpg in the city (reallllly pissed me off) I went to visit a friend in California, he bought a D and he let me drive it while I was in town. I was in love as soon as I drove it. Passing power is just sex. Torque is sex. MPG is sex. I honestly think Diesel is the way of the future until something better than a hybrid is readily available. I will say, I am not a fan of the non m-sport suspension as I feel less than comfortable with high speed turns.
The only issue I have had was that the air vent adjuster tabs broke. But warranty fixed that.

I also added DTUK and wow, noticeable difference!

If you are patient enough, wait for the next Diesel models to come. 4cyl diesel with high MPG returns are supposed to come.