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lowered, z3m bumpstops, pothole explosion question

Have a e92xi lowered with eibach and koni yellow. The front struts are set to 1.5 from soft. On large road imperfectons at 60 mph I get the jarring bam like the suspension has bottom out. On elevated larger bumps like frozen ice patches at 40 mph, get the jarring BAM sound as I suspect is similar to the documented 'pothole explosion.'

When I installed the setup, I cut the front bumpstops as there was no suspension travel and holding the car up. I see a lot of 335i people have installed the z3m (e36 M3) bump stops because they are much shorter. I am wondering if anyone with lowering springs, upgraded struts, and the shorter z3m bump stops still experience the dreaded pothole explosion?

Trying to figure if i swap out the bump stops it will give me the extra suspension travel to get rid of that jaw jarring thud.

Please don't lecture me about me cutting the bump stops as now I might need to tackle this in the cold winter. The eibach instructions indicated no cutting was needed on the fronts but I found out after everything was installed, the bump stop was interfering and had to be shorten. Just trying to figure if the shorter more progressive bump stop will fix my problem.

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