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Originally Posted by jacobsed View Post
Sorry but I've never seen that infomercial and have not purchased any materials about living debt free. Btw, if you want to have a "who's dick is bigger" contest then just throw it out there. How many hours do you fly? 1 or 10000? There's a big difference jerk off. I have not bragged about my wealth in these posts but go ahead and go there if you are inclined. The truth is truth and fact is fact regarding wealth building. Some people do it and some people don't.

It makes me sick to see so many people hurt themselves buying shit they can't afford with money they don't have. And some how they rationalize it to themselves that its ok, or its sold to them in that regard and they are too ignorant to even realize it.
So now you are reduced to name calling That being said depending on what else is going on I average 4/5 hours a month. 3 hours is pretty much the bare minimum to stay proficient & my target is 50 hours a year.

You keep telling us how to live our lives to build wealth on your terms so I thought you would be just rolling in money. You are so adamant & dogmatic about it anyone would rightly think it was from very successful actual experience. Instead you are trying to find fault with what I can enjoy from what I have accomplished in my life without imposing a draconian way of life on my family or myself so it looks to me like your world is just a fail.

In my personal experience if someone does not hamstring themselves with a lot of nonsensical ridged plans & is willing to work as much as it takes, also take a risk when its prudent they can go from the housing projects in Jersey City to a comfortable way of life that gives their kids a jump start into their futures with an education at a good school.

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