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Originally Posted by jacobsed View Post
How are you concluding that I'm not rolling in it? You're the one who compared your cost of flight time against my paid for car. You were implying that you won't listen to me because somehow you're better off because my car was $15K and your flight time is $750. Obviously you are old and have made and SAVED money which enables you to live however you want. That is great!

My wife and I are in our mid thirties and own everything we have out right with no debt. House, cars, boat, motorcycle...everything. And we did it because we saved our money and made payments to nobody. Instead we pay into our retirement accounts and will be millionaires because of it. My family is financially well off and debt free with everything we want in life. How is that draconian? We sacrificed to win. So if our world is a fail then I wish failure for everyone.

Btw, I always wanted to be a pilot. I bet it is a great time up there in the air.
People with your outlook on life tend to live cheap, buy cheap & make due with second hand (the sacrafice part?) so there is no way I would ever swap with you for how I was living at 35.

You said the sweet spot on buying a car IIRC is 5 years old so I just can't imagine you buying anything new or anything costly.

Having a boat, cars, house, bike might sound impressive to some people at first glance but possiably not so much if they are all like your 100K mile 6 year old used BMW.

I do boats & bikes too, show me yours & I will show you mine
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