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So in all honesty, I cracked today. Feel guilty but I didn't have the disposable ecig and found a pack in my car. Fml. I smoked one and the second I smoked it was almost peace of mind until I realized my guilt was not even letting me enjoy it. Smoked another later tonight but I feel I kicked the crave for it especially that I have the ecig now. Haven't even touched the ecig since I bought. I feel it was more of a habit to get excited when you find a pack in your car and then the crave came along and I sorta found an excuse to smoke it. Still continuing to stop since there's not point to quit trying. Everyone has a slight hiccup and a buddy persuaded me that no matter if you smoke a cigarette every now and there, make the effort to stop. It's more of a peace of mind than torturing yourself but not to use it as an excuse everyday. Idk just writing my thoughts since I've never felt so guilt for something so minuscule. Hope everyone's doing alright; you're not going to stop overnight but just keep trying.