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Originally Posted by GammaZeta View Post
You still don't get it, do you?

Do you need a weekend car? Do you need a family transporter? Do you drive it in the city? Do you drive it in the suburbs? Do you care about fuel economy? Do you care about performance?

If you only care about depreciation, then the other posters already answered your question.

I would highly suggest a used 10 speed bicycle from 1983 as your primary mode of transportation if you only care about depreciation.
Sorry but you're the one who doesn't get it. I just wanted a list of cars that people think would hold value well. Obviously I know cars are just about the worst investment from a financial standpoint. I purposely did not include details hoping that people would leave a variety of suggestions without patronizing. I was hoping to generate many ideas from other drivers since last I checked, this is a car forum with other driving enthusiasts. So much for that idea. But since you need specifics, assume we're looking a performance-oriented DD, 2-4 doors ok, prefer no convertibles, fuel economy in double digits. Any other questions?

So I ask again, what are some cars will suffer the least depreciation least in 1-2 years?

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