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thanks for the offer Dave, i'm in the midlands thou, wolverhampton to be precise...

for Z3man, if i were you i would get in touch with your dealer ASAP, i say that because the dealer i bought it from told me yesterday as they were new on when i bought it, the parts them selves are covered on warranty... however my local dealer where i want the work done (for convienience) has not yet confirmed this, they said i am just over the milege freshold, but they are speaking with the warranty company or something, and will let me know today...

So i would not wait if i were you, thats what i have done, this fault occured 1 month (approx) after i bought it in July... if i had of raised the issue then, i dont think i would be having any of these problems...

Also, just for everyone's information, i was talking to the engineer at the dealer yesterday (as i had to take him for a spin so he could hear the squeak), he told me that they can of course fix the issue, but unofficially he said it will probably come back, apparantly (and this is what he said, no idea if he's correct or not) it happens because the (and i cant remember if he said pads or discs) are no longer manufacturer with asbestos in them, which absorbs moisture etc so didnt squeak...

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