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I'll post some pics of it. Insurer thinks they will just admit fault as I have a witness and recording of drive admitting fault.

Apart from that the car should just need two new panels but we wil see.

It was a bargain and a superb work vehicle but Im in the process of having a garage built for a weekend car and Im just fed up of being hit by other drivers I don't see the point of buying nice vehicles! This is the fifth time I have been hit by other drivers in 4 years. Im like a bloody magnet!

lorry driver tried to say he coundnt stop and it was both our fault , then the witness came over and told him he had watched everything, how I'd stopped and he decided to carry on. He then admits to it after the witness and apologised, I recorded him saying he was at fault.

On another note adaptive cruise is brilliant with lane and side assist. Would always spec these option if possible for a work vehicle but IMO night vision might look impressive but I just can't see the point of it. You have to look down to look at the screen which slightly neglects the whole pointof this feature ,though it does beep when it detects people in the distance .

The massage seats work too - a lot better than I thought they would.

Bugger . I have an automatic golf coming to replace my car. Yum