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Originally Posted by Z3man View Post
Does anyone know if Simon is a member on these forums, i noticed he is a sponsor on another forum, i don't suppose he has much time for forums all the travelling he has to do.

Anyone out there had there E90 320d done by Simon, mine is the 163bhp version.

EDIT- just noticed someone on here called emaps, obviously thats Simon.
Yes,Simon used to be a member on this forum,but it was a good few yrs back now.
Simon is a sponsor over on BMWland,and regularly attends group mapping meets all over the UK,where remaps can be bought for what is a bargain,even his normal prices are considerably less than others.

Sadly,after being threatened and abused by another member,who also ran/runs a tuning/mapping company,his (Simons) life on here was made intolerable,and he asked,yes HE asked to be banned.

A great shame,as Simon is a great Guy,as honest as the day is long with a wealth of knowledge,that he will readily divulge for no financial gain.

I would recommend Simon over all the other companies out there,his maps are as good,if not better than others,and from my own experience,you get in terms of power returns,what he advertises.

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