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Originally Posted by Palmnuts View Post the finally a car that's as fast as the Datsun? (although my turbo might have just managed that!). Funny eh, you have to go right to the top of some car ranges to get close to the GT-R's performance!

I'm on Stage 4/650R but in reality i use a 1/4 of the performance (if that) most of the time. So it wouldn't bother me about top end figures. Just how much you enjoy driving it and love getting into it in the morning. Must admit with my budget i couldn't do any better. But if i were to go up a level (in a few years hopefully) i would find it very difficult go choose. But the SLS is a great looking/sounding car. I've never driven one, but being a Merc i can imagine it's a lovely place to spend time in. And then there's the sound!