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Originally Posted by chazzz View Post
This. I've read the news about people being killed while changing tires on the highway. It's not worth it. It's safer to stay inside of your car and make some calls, and leave it to the professionals (i.e. tow truck driver and highway patrol). They'll help you and they want to make sure you're safe.

Lots and LOTS of distracted drivers are out there. My friend was carrying his young daughter as they crossed the street (using the crosswalk) and an idiot & distracted teenager girl hit them, nearly broke his rib. The daughter was OK, just some scratches from the rough-surface street.
Sorry to jack the thread on this, but this is my pet peeve. I hate that stupid California law that some dumb-ass liberal came up with, where you have to yield to pedestrians in the crosswalk. I almost hit someone in 1985 in L.A. because they stepped out in front of me in the crosswalk that was in the middle of the block. I had no idea there was such a law anywhere, or that someone conceived of such a traffic law (there is not one East Coast city I've ever been in that has a crosswalk in the middle of the block).

The law is an unnatural law in the sense that if the driver F's up and doesn't stop, the pedestrian gets hurt or killed. The law makes no sense to expect a car weighing 3,000 pounds to stop for a person weighing 180 pounds. The Physics of the law is backwards; it is easier and more predictable for a human travelling at 2 MPH to stop crossing the street when there is traffic present than for a 3,000 lb. car to stop travelling 30 MPH for a human in the crosswalk. Cars rarely get killed by hitting humans; not so the other way around. Humans can stop from walking speed in under 12 inches; cars travelling at road speed (30 MPH) take nearly 100 feet.

Your friend got hit because a Politician wrote a stupid law and he expected someone to obey it.

I apologize for the rant.