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Originally Posted by DaFish View Post
New update.

This update did help, but the car is still NOT straight in accel or decel.

This doesn't fix the problem. I'll follow CVC's thread on this.

If I pull out to pass on a 2 line road and mat the car, the car shimmies from side to side and is NOT straight when I pull out to pass.

This is not a little problem, it sucks to the point of selling the car. I have done enough mods. It isn't enough.
I went last night to AL TECH in Toronto to see Pat. Pat did a full and complete 4 wheel alignment. A PROPER ONE. I had originally taken the car to the dealer to get the 4 wheel done, but I don't think they did a good job. Pat did a before and after report and showed me what was going on with the car before he did it.

The car was TOE'd OUT on the 2 rears, TOE'd out on one front and the other was ok. He said when the car would squat on accell, it would accentuate the problem and the car would want to push out to the corners it was toe'd out too. Since both were toe'd out, it was fighting itself as to which way it would go - giving me the indirection that I was feeling.

He TOE'd IN both wheels slightly. He said once I nail it, the rears would then come online straight. More importantly, he made both toe settings the same on left and right, so that the car would at least go in a straight line.

He fixed the front end alignment too. It showed that I had -2.2 degrees of negative camber from my wishbones and camber plates too... that was cool.

The car is FIXED ! It now does track in a straight line. I have only had the car for 1 night, so I will put some miles on and report back. But the rear end wavering all over the place is definitely fixed. I nail the gas, meth kicks in, 19PSI and the car goes where I point it without immediately turning right to keep it straight ! I can't begin to describe my relief ! It was really bugging me.

COST: $60 bucks ! SIXTY BUCKS ! It was FREE !! I got $20 off because I mentioned I was a E90 forum member and I heard about him here too !

Pat did say that the alignment on these cars goes out fairly easily and that I should do it again in the spring. I will be getting new summer rubber, so I will definitely be doing that. Plus, I am going to go with a PSS in the spring too... I can't wait.

CVC - I'll check it out again in my commute of an hour today and confirm. I have had my rogue arms on for quite some time now, with bad alignment. Pat ddn't say anything was worn out or loose - to address I think your question about longevity of these parts - specifically the rogue arms. I definitely don't feel any slop - car is tight. (using RFT snows - 225/30/17' right now).
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