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Had my car 3 years now.

It’s now 3 years since I took delivery of my 330d.

This is the point at which I would normally be thinking about what car to get next – maybe not with any real intention to change, but knowing that if I did fancy something new that I could possibly justify it based on having my current car long enough.

It’s a bit different this time. I’ve just signed a contact to have my loft converted so any spare cash will be going into that. That of course leaves nothing for the M5 I was thinking about (In my dreams ).

But, I’m very pleased to say that despite this – I really don’t care!

I still love with my e90 as much now as when I got it. It’s been a really superb car.

Yes, I’ve had a few issues such as the Bluetooth packing up, and the traction control stopping me overtaking on motorways but these were fixed and the cars been great ever since!

The very worst thing about my BMW experience has been the dealer. My local dealer has been poor. Hard to get through to, don’t call you back, leave oil all over your leather after a service and then expect you to clean it up with some damp paper towel, and damage your body work without owning up.

But the car it’s self – great.

I still look forward to driving it, and never get bored of the grunt despite being very lucky to have recently ridden in many of the fastest cars on the planet! The 330d for me is almost everything I want from a car. It looks good, it’s built well with all the comforts and gadgets I want, it’ll keep up with the likes of R32s and yet can achieve over 50mpg (sometimes ).

I’ve had a lot of fun in the car, including taking it to Santa Pod were I was only narrowly beaten by my mate in his 335i, but of course got obliterated by my mate in his RS4  (sorry, can’t remember my pod time off hand).

The car has now done about 25k miles – lower than average. This rate of usage will continue so with any luck the 330 has quite a few years ahead of it before it starts to play up.

Also, when the car is sitting idle on my drive it’s not getting damaged! It’s still in pretty good shape – If you glance over it, it looks pretty mint still. I’ve never curbed an alloy, and nor has my wife (both VERY careful) and all of the bodywork scratches are such that you can only see them in certain light, or are easily covered by coloured wax or Poorboys. I reckon if I ever get the car detailed it would return to near showroom condition.

To be honest, the most damage has been done by the dealer and the bloody foxes who sit on the roof and clamber up the bonnet with their claws out (massive problem with these critters around my way).

Concerns for the future? My main one is with the DPF. It shows no signs of being a problem yet but with a lot of short journeys, this could be a potential issue.

My wife has the car during the day so I only drive it in the evening and weekends - but when I do get behind the wheel I always make sure the taps are fully opened to try and create as much heat as possible. Hopefully this will keep the filter clean. Well, this is the reason I give to the verbal speed limiter (the Mrs) when I pin her to her seat (insert your innuendo here ), but in reality, I just love feeling the 380 Ft lbs kick!

My only other potential issue going forward could be lack of boot space. I now have two children so we may come into difficulties. However, I’m not one of those people who at the first sniff of a child goes straight out and buys an Espace. The car has been fine with one kid and I reckon with the addition of a roof box, we’ll be able to cope OK on the few occasions in the year where the boot doesn't suffice.

Anyway, here’s to the next 3 years! Thanks to you all for the help and advice you’ve given me, and I hope you have a great 2013

Black 330d E90 LCI M Sport Saloon Auto. Privacy Glass, Cream Leather, 6FL, I-Drive/Nav/Bluetooth, Alpine hifi upgrade.

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