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Originally Posted by ibimmer346 View Post
Was strolling through my local Electronics store and ran across this nifty little flash drive. This is a Patriot "Autobahn" flash drive that is super small. I got the 32GB version. They are marketing it for auto use. It's not super-fast but it doesn't need to be for audio use. Should be small enough to plug into the BMW USB port without sticking up or needing an extension cable. It's just barely bigger than the USB port. If you want a flash drive with a small form factor, this definitely qualifies!

I still have a 20MB external HDD somewhere in my house from back in the day. Its size is about 3 laptops stacked one on top of each other. It is about 25 years old. It will barely store 2 songs at 320kbps today.

Things really change.