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Very well put!
I know BASE jumpers, who look at me square in the face and say..."Getting married is fucking scary! You could die!"
And these sick kids jump off of no so tall ass things and save their lives seconds before they crash into the earth!

The best thing you can do is write a little note and have her sign it.
It should simply read;

You come here with what you came here with.....(insert items she has brought into the contract) and if things go bad you shall leave with what you came here with.
I shall...(state things you shall do such as paying for heat hot water and rent)..and provide a safe living environment.

You sing here and she signs there...have it notarized....and well when she flips her lid just whip it out and say "SUC IT!"

As for the mail order thing…..well you are all aware of the global economy right?
Well a good number of these countries are just short on men. All the guys are either dead, have a very short life span OR are now here in the US working.

Two quick examples of which I’m familiar with.
Colombia and Iran.
Colombia has seen a good number of the middle class guys leave the country looking for good paying jobs in the US, the EU and other countries. As a result on average there are 1.5 women per 1 man.
Ever wonder why 30 something Colombian women look so darn good! Well they are working very very hard to get that 1 man!

Iran is even worse! I was born there in 77. Give or take 1 million men died in the worst local conflict of the 20th century. And it is estimated that another million were wounded. Then the men left to go find jobs all over the world and to buy white or black BMW’s and Merc’s…..only black or white…they don’t even look at the red or the blue?
Things are so bad in Tehran it’s said that there are 3 eligible women per 1 eligible man! I’ve had random amazingly gorgeous Persian women from Tehran with educations and good families drop me a line on face book saying “Hi you single?” But since I don’t want children and women feel the need they have to have children they quickly stop seducing me.

I have good friends from Russia and they tell me things are just as bad over there. So many men are heavy drinkers that by the time they are 30 they look 60 or are just downright abusive! So the women are running to US men since we are seen as being well educated and friendly and caring.

I guess the best thing about a mail order bride would be that if it’s not working out and you and her have signed the contract that you can always send her back home assuming you do not have any children. And when you think about it…$100 / date gets kind of spendy quick…why not just drop $5k ~ 50 dates and get what you really want?