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Drives: 335xi jb4..397 hp 408 lb/ft
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335xi dyno.. around 400 horsepower. Video

Happy new year all,

Went to ISP Racing in Beltsville, Md on a whim and had my car dynoed. I was pleasantly surprised. I didn't expect the numbers I got. I've always read that it takes a lot more to get to that 400 wheel hp mark on our awd cars. Ended up with 397 hp and 400 torque. Seemed like the tranny started slipping for a second but pulled consistently. The operator said something about it making too much torque and something about the torque converter needing to be a bit looser. He also mentioned that his dyno reads about 13% lower than others in the area.

What was fun is that I went around same time as my friend's RS4 and he was putting down 300ish hp, but man that v8 sounds amazing.

I was running a jb4 on map 7 with 60/40 e85 mix, stock intake with lid off, new plugs, injectors, coil packs, and lpfp.

Numbers seem about right for an xi? They were telling me with the numbers and launch I should see 11s.

Here's the video:

Here's the dyno pic:

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