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Low Beam Malfunction

Hey all,

So...just last week, I got the dreaded "Engine Malfunction - Reduced Power" in my 2008 E90. I brought it into the dealership, thinking it was the HPFP that blew out. However, they told me it was the Vanos Solenoid that was causing issues and they changed it out, as well as did an oil change.

That very night, as I was driving out for NYE, I see a "Right Low Beam Malfunction" come on, and noticed that my right HID was out. After parking and turning the light on and off, it would attempt to auto-level, flicker a few times and then go off. Any idea what this could be? I'm hoping that it's just a simple bulb replacement (it is a D1S bulb, right? Whats the difference between the H7 bulb part and the D1S bulb?). The car is CPO'd till 5/2014, and the dealership said that CPO would cover the whole headlamp unit except for bulbs...

So my question is, what is the best way to go about this? I have Lux 5.1 and HID Fogs installed, so I don't want to bring them into the dealership and have them say that the warranty is voided because of the aftermarket parts. Is swapping the left bulb to the right bulb to see if its a bulb problem the best course of action right now? Is flickering and then going out a common sign of a bad bulb? Or is there a more serious issue at hand? And lastly, in hopes that it is just a simple bulb replace, does anyone have recommendations for a replacement bulb? I'm thinking of switching out both sides for a more even color, and I'd like to match the Lux 5.1 AEs as well. H7 = D1S bulb, right?

Sorry for all the questions all, all input is appreciated!