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I think the residents are bloody ridiculous. There was 4 or5 in that meeting when this must affect thousands in those streets. Where did the basis of this program come from.

I think they were pompous. Lovely cars. Perhaps a little annoying if the noise really is constant. The speeding is irrational and I don't like speeding in built up areas.

The guys on camera seemed nice but I found it hilarious that none of these moaning residents actually went down to talk to these people! How ridiculous and oldschool British moaning behind closed doors. They might have been able to come to some sort of agreement.

I'm actually very surprised many of the Arabs raised concerns of what British people thought of them. They should be 100% welcome wether they spend millions here or not. I still find it quite sad they these people have to use certain words that implies Arabs or other races should be segregated. I've never thought another religion or skin colour is any different or lesser than I am. I think it's a ridiculous attitude to have.

People question why they are so rich, why should they have a lambo. Why should I be sitting here in a big heated house, with most of the modern day luxuries and access to modern medicine when millions of people are starving and ill in dire poverty in Africa and beyond.

It's the same thing, just on a different part of the scale. A lambo won't make these people happy overnight, it's a bit of fun for someone born into a specific circumstance. Sadly I think my views are in the minority.
+1 - agree completely.