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Originally Posted by setofvs
Originally Posted by LuxAngelEyes View Post
the LUX H8 V3 angel eyes are a 6500K White
Lux 5.1 is 6500K as well? Any recommendations for a good D1S replacement to match?
I got one for you--Osram Cool Blue Intense (200 @

They are a great match to the LUX's. They are also effectively the brightest D1S bulbs available. They have the same lumen rating as the Phillips 18211+ bulbs (OEM standard bulb, around 3400LM) but a different salt mix gives the CBIs a 5000k pure white rather than a 4300K yellow white.

They need about 10 hours to break in, but once they're broken in they're amazing. The people of literally go bananas for these bulbs. Check out some of the headlight retrofit pictures and it will all make sense!

My car will be needing a bulb replacement soon and I absolutely plan on using the CBIs.

They really are the best bulbs available. No aftermarket D1S bulb can even come close to these--even the fantastic morimoto 5000k bulbs were no match for the CBIs in independent tests.)

I'll always stick to aftermarket bulbs for auxiliary lighting, because it's more convenient and the added cost of converting an OEM bulb isn't worth it. But for something that is not only paramount to my safety, but the safety of the loved ones in my car and others on the road, it's OEM or better-than-OEM.

My two cents.