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Originally Posted by Abear View Post
Lol, you work at an automall and have no clue on the value of the Ecoboost f150? Come on man, ask a salesman, or at least one of the techs, they will know.

Yes, 28k for a truck that usually list for 50k is pretty good. Just make sure and look at it good, no mechanical problems. Its still a fairly new engine, so theres no telling in what could go wrong.

Ford has come a long way though, they are making much better vehicles than they were. My dads F150(5.0, not ecoboost) is a great truck, he hasnt had any problems and hes had it for almost a year now.
I work for the executive center..i do marketing and public relations and i have been here 8 months none of which ive dealt directly with sales. We dont have a ford outlet we got this on a trade in. Yea i can ask a tech who has not previous experience with it nor first hand input on a truck manufactured 2011 hence i asked for people who may own or have first hand experience with one.

Yea i have a clue on what the value of it is i never said i didnt, but book value and street value now a days factoring in the economy are two very different things. The trucks MSRP is like 48k but considering it has almost 50k it is a 2011 and it has some extras iam not sure of the value.

thanks for your input

I believe it is still under warranty, but i would still like to know with someone who has 1st hand experience about the trucks reliability and depreciation value considering the truck and platform are still fairly new to the market.