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Originally Posted by foghat View Post
This is the reason I kind of shelved the idea of an etune. There was no way I was going to do a 4th gear pull to 6000+ rpm on the street.

But now based on what you are saying, I am starting to rethink.

When you say 'for the most part', what do you mean?

I mean, straight up: what exactly do you need (pull wise) to get a safe, good etune? Can you get the logging you need without 6000rpm 4th gear pulls?

Originally Posted by KennyPowers View Post
X2, please be specific
We've done a quick write up for you guys in the how-to page of our website on our etuning process for those interested:

Any customer buying an e-tune from us also gets a Word document with a similar set of instructions that kicks off our remote tuning process. We've done a LARGE number of N54 pro tunes at this point, many with multiple maps on different levels of octane with a large majority being e-tunes.

A couple quick notes on our etuning. Its a very convenient way to tune an N54 for the customer as its done on your free time and there is absolutely no rush in getting it finalized on our end and its entirely up to the customers. It can be done as quickly as 2-3 hours given we arrange a time for it, or, a number of weeks all depending on your schedules. The purchase does not have an expiry date and if you buy an etune today we can get to actual tuning 3 months from now.

The price on both the pro etunes and local pro tunes is set extremely competitively to the extent that many shops we work with were absolutely shocked given typical pro tune pricing out there in the $600-$800 range and the amount of work we put in.

We've always been enthusiasts first and we can certainly appreciate a great deal on a quality tune or modification out there. We don't end our communication with any of the customers after any tune is done with us. If at any given time there are questions or issues come up or modifications change we're here to assist as best as we can through email or forums or in person for those local to us.

We've also got an FAQ section on our website for any other questions you may have about us as well as a blog which we try to update regularly with anything relevant to the platforms we work with, mostly being the N54 at the moment and N55 soon.


And finally, as some of our customers have already mentioned, we seriously won't stop until its butter or your money back. We want our customers to truly enjoy their FI BMWs as much as we do outside of any standard injector/plugs/coils/pump headaches many of us face from time to time