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Originally Posted by Josh1a1h View Post
so how does this work exactly?

You pay an initial deposit, then 36 monthly payments of 579+VAT and then after the 3 years is up, you give it back or take on a new lease?

I assume in that time, all servicing etc... is taken care of by BMW?

Replace or with and.

This is a contract hire deal, you can't own it at the end.

BMW will have sold it at cost and agreed to buy it back at a price they know they can sell it at, the contract hire firm will make their money through the interest on the lending.

Maintainance will not be included, unless stated.

Buying expensive metal for cash is the dumb move these days.

My old man has just been offered an S350cdi for 339 a month on a 6+35 deal.
If he bought a 5 year old one for 25k he would loose more than that a month, however, he still likes to 'own' his cars so he is not sure!!

He has never kept a car for longer than 3 years, so he is only ever borrowing them, that's the way I view it.