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I thought it was really good. I thought the guys came across as alright and was impressed the documentary crew filmed the guy at the end saying "Yeah, you know what, listening to this at 1am is not great when people are trying to sleep, I will not use the car after midnight."

Showed the guys were not just completely selfish. I don't think they are, they are on holiday in London and having fun. Let's just think back to how most of us have behaved on lads holidays in Ibiza or Vegas, we have all been selfish arseholes before.

The old folk did come across as a bit racist, but this is a tricky one. The fact is some young lads are causing loads of grief and they happen to be a different race, I guess the remember the good old days of London in the swinging 60's where it was all hippy Brits etc.
If it had been loads of young English kids driving around they would have just moaned at the 'hoodies' but the fact is the ones that are annoying them are a different race, so they will always come across as they did, it isn't the same England as it used to be, we will probably all be on here moaning in 40 years time when we are 80 about how the planet was so much better when we just had earthlings living in our neighbourhood!!

Good programme though, enjoyed it.