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Originally Posted by catlam View Post
My sister and I both experienced bad service with Canbec. However, my boyfriend receives proper service at Canbec so I guess it's a mix of both good and bad. I had Pierre as a SA. I've heard great things about Ciprian. If it works for you, then good

I got two completely different prices for the exact same car, same specs, and same packages at canbec and west island with the exact same down payment. There was a difference of ~300 per month, which is quite unbelievable. (660$ at west island and 928$ at canbec.) Weird....
Yeah, Pierre, and yeah, Ciprian... without commenting too openly, you hit the nail on the head there. Like I said - some better, some worse.

Very interesting re: prices. I generally found that as long as the *total* price of the car is comparable, everything else comes down to math - either someone is playing with residual value, with tradein, with interest rate credits, or something of the sort. There is MUCH that can be done there, and I typically find that if I come in knowing more than the salesman about how them dollerz work, I tend to have a better predictability of what price will come out of his computar thingy