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Originally Posted by Sedoy View Post
How about some tint... looks amazing anyway!
Can you comment on the driving dynamics/air suspension?
Haven't decided on tint yet.

I got fileted over at the M5 board, but I really feel that the GTS drives like how I thought and wanted the M5 to drive like. I felt that most of the critics were right about the F10 feeling more like M 7 series rather than a M5.

Even without the PDCC and PTV (chassis and drive train mods), the GTS is a blast to drive. The whole car seems to sit lower and be more playful when you throw it around. It really feels like a big E9X. The air suspension is the most under appreciated feature. When on comfort mode, the car absorbs crap roads better than my wife's 535 GT, and in sport plus it is better than my E92 in firmest mode, in terms of keeping the chassis flat but with more give on rough road.

BUT, the best, and everyone keeps saying this, the intake and exhaust sounds from the GTS is AWESOME. Like my RS4 times 10 in depth and effect of sound.

I wasthisclose to choosing the F10. The difference in a 3 year lease was close to $500 with the Porsche maintenance package, but love or hate it, Panamera does look unique.