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Originally Posted by Jeff@topgearsolutions View Post
Sorry, I couldnt tell if they were coated or just oxidized. They might be OK.

If you check out that swaintech website they have a lot of info. You'd be amazed on the stuff they can coat. Turbo's, manifolds, pistons, heads, you name it. Perhaps they can relay more info to you on expectations.

I know that is one of the things I would do if I had any stuff out and looking to maximize efficiency. The exact numbers and benefit I'm not sure but it's something to look into if you have the means.
Yeah I also got some info about this but no real numbers, makes it hard too do the effort/benefit calculation. But I will check with some locals here and do some research on the internet. I have one week before they will start with the turbo's installation.


Yeah that payed for my JRZ suspension and Flex Fuel sensor ;-)
My M-Sport suspension was good, but I have advanced in driving skills and I also knew that in the area of improvement both the suspension and the brakes are the biggest winners after all the HP related stuff.

The JRZ kit is simply one off the best around and that together with their base location near my hometown convinced me. I'm pretty confident that I will be able to setup the car like I always wanted and which was not their with the M-Sport suspension altough I also had the M3 parts.

Next to that, the JRZ kit will allow me to define a track and a street config.. that is luxurious ;-)


To be honest, all tunes are more or less the same in terms of HP. To my opinion the Procede platform is quite complete and I have received great support of Vishnu in 99% of the times and in all cases a solution.

Like Jeff stated, my config has been based on Procede, in those days Shiv was making the market with an outperforming tune, and so it make sence to stick with that. I have no warranty hassle, the dealer is doing the build lol... the car will go eventually to be a fulltime track car.

I love plans by the way, but for my approach, it would require to be a proven solution, as I only add new stuff in the mix if it adds in comparison to my former setup. I also do not really get that wild of a secondary fuel system, to much hassle for my application. But never say never... ;-)

@Jippie Ensio,

Yep just for the looks, the M-Tech diffuser is the most ugly part of the complete e9X parts list... not great looking not functional...
So for 200 bucks I added this diffuser, to my knowledge there is no real working diffuser for the e9x, I even think that it is even not possible as the ground rear side of the car is quite open....
I'm would be very interested, because on the "autobahn" I senced multiple times rear lifting upon 250+km/h.... I think BMW has for downforce only the rear wing. On the M3 the side mirrors provide 5kg downforce each. :-(

RE OC -> With all respect to AR, this is not the best decision I could make, the ER is better, period. I hope to combination of Water radiator and AR OC will hold... but I'm worried that the DKG will require some serieus cooling and AR is unfortunatly not to be the best as I have noticed on my former car.
But furthermore AR is a company I would return back to, great business superb downpipes! (They seem to be able to survive heavy accidents ;-) )


Yeah I was actualy working quite aggresive on a solution for the AT gearbox, that one I had in my former, because each non manual gearbox requires to be become stronger, a combination of hard and software adjustments.

I was already prototyping when I wrecked the car, it was a brand new AT...

The hard part is the software. Long story short, I know there are beefed up clutchpacks for the DKG, but they will ruin your box as the mechatronic is not adjusted for them. I'm focussing on getting an expert for the ASAM platform to find a solution for me.. difficult stuff, will require things like decryption and bootloader replacement (kinda like a Iphone Jailbreak).
ASAM is by the way the industry standard for gearbox automation more or less.
Till then, good oil and heat management.. and thumbsup... ridiciously expensive those DKG boxes...


Re Fuel Flex,

Vishnu flashes additional tables into the DME as far as I understood. As the FlexFuel sensor measures the E85 level it will signal the Procede about the amount, the procede will signal the DME somehow to read the adjusted tables. But i'm sure there are others that can explain in it more detail.

I'm sure the ProEFI solution will do great, but simply to late... missing already 300Whp for some months... that hurts man, that hurts.... :-)
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