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Lost ticket holder down front of dashboard

I did a silly thing and let go of a small plastic parking ticket holder i was trying to attach to the windscreen. Unfortunately it disaapeared from view down between the front edge of the dashboard and the windscreen and I cant see where it went.
Whilst I was shoving my fingers into the narrow gap searching for the bloomin' holder I noticed that the gap between windscreen and dasboard is greater on the drivers side and also the dashboard is generally more mobile than on the passengers side. The dashboard was taken out 18 months ago for some repairs. It doesnt squeak or rattle but Id like to tighten it up if possible.
How do I get to the fixings to firm it up?
Also there is a side panel between dashboard and drivers door. How does it come off and would I be able to access the inside of the dashboard through it to see if the holder is retrievable. Ive got the footwell panel off but even lying with my head on the peddles I couldnt see a way up inside the dashboard to where the holder may be lodged.
If I took the speedo/rpm unit out, would that give me access to the holder?
Any thoughts ?