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Originally Posted by Shafz325 View Post
I'm Mauritian too

About the program, I'm from London and often go to Knightsbridge in Summer, fair enough they do dangerous speeds but as a car lover/enthusiast, seeing this level of serious metal on the roads is glorious. Yes they rev but they're having fun - I can see how it would annoy locals but the sound of ferraris resonating off London buildings is glorious, let them have their fun I say, albeit responsibly and perhaps put noise regulations in place after certain hours?
really? Imagining that everyday when you're deep in your sleep you hear people walking outside your room, rubbish collectors doing rubbish at 6am, neighbor's chatting loudly or house party til 12pm at night and sounds of cars blasting thur your window to your only room . Many old London buildings do not have double glazing windows. you don't understand those who are suffering so don't make it sound so petty. The phase ''annoying local'' is an out of statement. These people reving for fun is making other people's life a hell, the old lady in the show looks really unstable, believe it or not when someone is exposed to long term nuisance sound it can make someone go crazy. See if you would have the same comment when you actually experienced it.
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