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Originally Posted by dr335e93 View Post
Was driving to shell to fill up with my usual vpower 98 and drove past a united petrol station which had premium 100 octane gas (called race gas in socal I think)! Looked it up and there's 10% ethanol added to Ron 98.
My tank was almost empty so I tried 10L and gave it a bang.
Impressive to punch the pedal but maybe I was just excited and imagined a touch more power.

Anyone else tried it? What did you think?

Ps Shane it's the Merewether united servo close to bar beach.
I dont think any of the major Petrol companies are adding any ethanol to their premium 98 RON.

As far as 100 octane would go, it would just add a little extra knock protection but no performance. You would need to adjust timing and a little extra boost for it to add anything.

Race fuel like MS109 is also oxygenated so would also add a little power without tuning but you would need to run a race gas map on your piggyback or cobb flash to utilize it.