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Originally Posted by trk411 View Post
Are you able to install it? If so, there is no need to send it to Cobb. However, if your ROM isn't supported, you need to use the ROM submission form on their website. Download the AP Manager to your comp and pull the ECU file. That is what you send them.
Thanks for the response!

I had an accessport on my mazdaspeed6 a few years ago... But when I tried to load it on the 335xi but i had unrecognized rom, so i saved the ecu data. I then installed the cobb software on my mac so i could download the data from the accessport, to find out there is a firmware update available.. I updated the firmware and went back to the car and worked like a CHARM (as expected). I only loaded stage 1 on the car (its my chicks car) and I am thoroughly impressed! The actual flashing seemed slightly sketchy as my dashboard lit up like a christmas tree with lights (4x4 malfunction, the one that looks like the cars on a lift to name a few), thankfully once the flashing was done it all went away, and from my searching some n54 guys have had similiar issues, but they all said not to worry...

I don't know if this issue is inherent to all n55's or just the xi's but the oem mapping has a annoyingly touchy gas pedal, it acts more like an on/off switch, it makes driving the car normal a chore... anyway, the stage 1 map has corrected this issue, and makes the throttle tip in much more pleasant.

Powerwise, the car feels much stronger even if its not on stage 1 aggressive. My girl noticed the power and gas pedal feel immediately, I havent gotten to take it over 60-70ish mph yet.

Thanks Cobb! and fella's if you were on the fence about this tune its SO WORTH IT!