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Originally Posted by AndreyT View Post
Something that I see on many other cars as well: If you shut off accessory power while the windshield wipers are in mid-swing, the wipers will just stop in the middle of windshield and stay there. I don't understand why they couldn't make the wipers to complete the last swing and stop in their resting locations. I wonder if there's some rationale behind this behavior. My previous car (a Honda) did exactly the same thing.
you can code that out so it will complete it even when you turn it off, but yes they should come like that standard.

as far as the defroster for the windshield, all cars come on full blast when you turn it on. the point is to get rid of the fog as fast as possible, but you can tone it down if you want to leave it on. makes sense to me.

i thought i was the only one that couldn't figure out there's no intermittent wiper setting...that's the only thing i find retarded with this car.

also, there's a lot of stuff that could be coded but should be standard: window stops rolling up when you open the door, folding mirrors with your remote, rolling windows up with your remote, etc.