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Originally Posted by rismo View Post
It's on top of my list of "next things"... I heavily consider the pump, but it's on my nice to have list for now. First the must haves. I will see how it holds and from there I will plan next steps.

Is there a point where you determined that the LPFP could not longer hold up? I plan to run a 50-50 30-70 ron98/e85 mix.

But like with meth, I might get addicted to the e85...
when I got my flex kit I started running 100% e85 and that's when the LPFP finally couldn't keep up. I didn't have any issues running 50/50, but I'm pushing 450hp and 500tq on 100% with Meth. So with the RB's I think you'll eventually run into the same issue, but probably sooner than I did because you'll be making more power with the RB's. For the most part the stock pumps will keep up with like a dyno pull, but it's when you're racing and you shift from 3rd to 4th at wot, then you'll get a LPFP code.

I think it won't take but one tank of e85 and you'll be hooked. I helped a buddy today with his n55. First time for him running 30% e85 & Meth, upping his boost and timing we ended up with almost 30 whp and 50 wtq delta. He was truly impressed and said it was like night and day. I plan on pushing him up to 50/50 and doing a few pulls on the COBB's Mustang Dyno just down the street from my house. I'm hoping to see him break 400whp. The only issue I see with the n55 is that boost drops off up top quick.

Well, wish you the best of luck with your project. Keep us posted as to how things are going and if you need anything just shoot me a note.